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16 high school scholars collectively receiving $80,000 in assistance for college


On June 21st, the chairman emeritus of the Ed Posh Scholarship Fund celebrated his 94th birthday. A delegation of board members (Craig Allen, Laurie Gustafson, Pat Leston, Hubert Buehler, Dean Sammons and Steve Pfeiffer) came to visit with him at his daughter Meredith's family place for the occasion.

Ed was enjoying the visit and the birthday cake (strawberry with whipped cream, his favorite) and the board members expressed their appreciation for all the good Ed has done for the community and the support he chaired for the 114 scholars who went through the scholarship program in the last 28 years! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ed, and many more!

Ed Posh 94th Birthday Ed Posh 94th Birthday
Ed Posh 94th Birthday